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  • HZS180 Concrete Batching Plant

    • Productivity(m³/h): 180
    • Discharge Capacity(L): 3000
    • Discharge Height(m): 4.1
    • Mixed Aggregate(m³*qty): 25*4
    • Total Power(kw): 215.5

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    Product description

    HZS180 concrete mixing with the computer management system developed by our company ,including automatic control system, simple operation, convenient, Using Windows2000 operating system, Chinese menu display, but the equipment status of whole process simulation display and equipped with sound and light alarm. The mixing station work, only a small amount of the operation button need to be controled, the whole process is all referred to the computer control. The JS3000 concrete mixer adopts compulsory dual-axial?mixing?console and the imported main electrical components.
    HZS180 concrete mixing station production line equipments include twin shaft mixer, mixing machine, cement silo and screw conveyor, conveyor belt, microcomputer control room. Theoretical productivit:180m3/h, mixing console power:110KW, nominal capacity of mixer:3000L, the number of concrete batching machine’s hopper:4. batching capacity: 4800L, 3 * 100t. Powder storage capacity of cement weighing range and accuracy :(0 ~ 1600) + 1%kg, additive weighing range and accuracy: (0 ~ 50) + 1%kg + 2%, measurement?precision?of?aggregate:±2%, unloading height:3.8 meters, the total installed power: 215.5KW ,which conditions are in order to meet production requirements.
    HZS180 Concrete Batching Plant_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd
    The technology core of HZS180 concrete mixing station is on the reasonable product cost of the process , stable performance, the overall appearance of the grand structure and so on, which are Jianxin machinery pursuing. The rooftop is with the large capacity silo of sand and stone.The whole concrete production from the measurement to the mixing, the discharge are in the state of full seal.

    Performance and characterics

    The Production of environmental and high performance concrete is foundated in the concrete mixing plant which is High quality, energy saving, and environment friendly.
    Sealed sand weighing conveyor system furthest?reduces noise pollution to the environment.
    Negative pressure pulse-bag filter dust removal system thoroughly overcomes the difficulties including dust explosion 、environmental?pollution in concrete production,so that we can effectively save energy and protect environmental. 
    The Recycling and  separation equipment of Wet concrete adopted the solid layout to form a system of sewage disposal and recycling of sand and stone,reclining all seriflux and waste,achieving?0?discharging,furthest minimizing environmental pollution,reaching the aim that save energy and environmentally friendly product.
    High precision weighing system’s components of weighing、control signal?transformation all adopt world-famous brand,High precision sensor, imported microcomputer controling, all kinds of materials separate weighing (or cumulative weighing), stable performance, accurate measurement.The blade and?screw conveyer are aimed to be designed for powder transportation, having high conveying?efficiency .Pneumatic Butterfly Valve’?sealing?is?tight, and the performance is stable;Water and liquid additives’ weighting are rough or precious,having High weighing accuracy.
    HZS180 Concrete Batching Plant_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd
    This kind of concrete mixing plant is equipped with high?reliabe automatic microcomputer control system、 advanced industrial?computer、PLC、 Display instrument control mode.The?Down-level PLC performs signal sampling and output control;the up-level computer can display the production process and production management;and the instrument can display the data of each scale. It can realize automatic, manual control, simple operation, friendly interface, high reliability and flexible expansion.
    Model HZS180
    Theoretical productivity 180m³/h
    Mixer type JS3000
    Control Fully automatic central control
    Maximum aggregate diameter 80mm
    Aggregate hoppper volume 4x18m³
    Aggregate feeding method Belt conveyor
    Cement silo (optional) Required on clients' demand
    Cement screw conveyor (optional) Each cement silo with one φ325 screw
    Aggregate weighing range and accuracy 4000kg±2%
    Cement weighing range and accuaracy 1800kg±1%
    Fly ash weighing range and accuracy 800kg±1%
    Water weighing range and accuracy 800kg±1%
    Additive weighing range and accuracy 50kg±1%