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  • HZS25 concrete batching plant

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    HZS25 concrete batching plant is a small mixing equipment, also known as the 25 mixing station. It is composed of feed ingredients mixing, electrical control and steel structure components of the semi automatic concrete mixing machine set. Jianxin Machinery HZS25 batching plant with the current domestic and foreign newest production technology research and development, for the majority of customer needs, suitable for small scale construction, precast factory and commercial concrete production plant, especially for concrete supply in railway and highway mobility, with strong mobility characteristics.

    HZS 25 jianxin


    (1) the concentrated agitation of cement concrete is easy to be strictly controlled for concrete matching, and the quality of concrete is guaranteed, which fundamentally changes the situation that the mixing and mixing are not accurate
    (2) the centralized stirring of cement concrete is beneficial to the adoption of automation technology, which can greatly increase labor productivity, save labor force and reduce cost;
    (3) using concentrated stirring, without construction, on-site installation of mixing equipment, stacking sand and gravel, storage of cement, thereby saving the site, avoiding waste of raw materials.

    Mixing power (JS500)


    Lifting power


    Overall power


    Total weight


    Discharge height


    Automatic cycle time


    Cement metering accuracy


    Water metering accuracy