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  • JDC350 Concrete Mixer

    • Delivery capacity:350L
    • Through-put capacity:560L
    • Overall dimensions:2528*2340*2850
    • Rotation speed of stirring shaft:28r/min
    • Maximum towing speed:20km/h

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    Product description

    JDC350 concrete mixer is an ideal model for single horizontal shaft forced mixer, is the main product of our country is the renewal of the product design in the industry has been mature leaves, the liner material, the shaft end sealing and water supply system, gear box drive reduction transmission adopts the standard, universal material. Tilting mechanism and feeding mechanism adopts hydraulic transmission, the machine, electricity, liquid is an organic whole, has the advantages of reasonable design, novel structure, advanced performance, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on. Can the mixing of dry, rigid, plastic, and lightweight aggregate concrete All kinds of plastic mortar. Various concrete mixing ratio, dry concrete and mixing various proportions, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar, mortar, construction, road, water conservancy, concrete bridges and various production machinery factory prefabricated ideal.

    JDC350 Concrete Mixer
    The new production of JDC350 concrete mixer is a mechanical, electrical, as one of the single horizontal shaft mixer. The stirring system is driven by a cylindrical gear. Feeding mechanism adopts lifting motor, stable and safe.

    Performance and characteristics

    The utility model has the advantages of wide application range, good mixing quality and high production efficiency.
    The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, reasonable structure and convenient operation.
    It has the advantages of fast discharge speed, long service life of lining plate and blade, convenient maintenance and so on.
    JDC350 mixer is a variety of construction sites and small and medium-sized components factory of the ideal equipment .
    JDC350 Concrete Mixer
    Model JDC 350
    Discharging volume 350L
    Charging volume 560L
    Max. aggregate size 60/40mm
    Capacity 17.5m³/h
    Motors power 15kw
    Dragging speed 20km/h
    dimension transportation state 2600x2600x3100mm
    Total weight (kg) 3700kg