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  • JS4000 concrete mixer

    • Motor power: 30KW
    • Discharge capacity: 4000L
    • Feed capacity: 6000L

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    Structure composition

    The JS4000 type concrete mixer is mainly composed of five parts: feeding, mixing, unloading, water supply and electrical.
    1. Mixing system. The mixing system consists of a motor, a pulley, a reducer, an open gear, a stirrer mixing device, an oil supply device and so on.
    2. The feeding system. The feeding system consists of a hoist, a feeding frame, a hopper, a feed nozzle and so on.
    3. Water supply system. The water supply system is composed of water pump, throttle valve, cleaning and spray device. The throttle valve regulates the flow of water, and the total amount of water is regulated by a time relay.
    4. Unloading system. The unloading system consists of the unloading door, cylinder, or hydraulic cylinder. There are three kinds of structures: hydraulic control, pneumatic control and manual control.
    5. Electrical system. The electric control circuit of JS4000 concrete mixer is equipped with air switch, fuse and thermal relay, which has the function of short circuit protection and overload protection. All control buttons, air switch handle and indicator light are arranged on the door of the distribution box, with a door lock, and a protective door is set outside the button.
    JS4000 mixer

    The advantages of JS4000 concrete mixer

    1. Mixing evenly
    The stirred blades in the circular groove mixing cylinder are staggered, so that the mixture is fully stirred in the cylinder, and the mixture can be quickly and evenly stirred.
    2. Compact structure
    The discharge door of JS4000 concrete mixer is driven by the imported hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional driving form, it has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth operation, accurate location.
    3. Good sealing
    JS4000 concrete mixer adopts three sealing, aggregate rack sealing and hydraulic system pump sealing, which can effectively prevent the main shaft neck from wear. And then avoid causing leakage phenomenon.
    4. Easy to operate
    JS4000 concrete mixer is highly automated. The loading, unloading and water supply are all full-automatic. And all motor control parts are in the electric box, which is safe and reliable, and convenient for operation and maintenance.
    JS4000 concrete mixer supply
    Model JS4000 concrete mixer
    production capacity(m3 /h)  240
    Main motor power (kw)  150
    Maximum aggregate diameter (mm) 100
    Discharge capacity (L)  4000
    Feed capacity (L) 6000
    Discharge height (mm) 4200
    Motor power (kw)  30