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  • JZR350/JZR500 Concrete Mixer

    • Capacity of loading: 560L/750L
    • Capacity of discharging:350L/500L
    • Capacity of water tank:110L/140L
    • Power:11.3kw/14.7kw
    • Dimensions:4050*2150*2950mm / 5200*2250*2950mm

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    Product description

    This machine is the reference and absorb the advanced technology of the same kinds of products has the characteristics of reasonable structure, smooth shape, excellent performance, simple operation and easy maintenance, is a kind of advanced machine, suitable for general construction sites, road engineering and general component factory.

    JZR350/JZR500 Concrete Mixer_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd


    1. JZR concrete mixer is suitable for remote places and field works which is in power shortage.
    2. JZR concrete mixer is also can be driven by electric power.
    3. Its simple structure and light weight make maintenance more convenient.

    JZR350/JZR500 Concrete Mixer_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd

    Model JZR350 JZR500
    Type Self-falling Self-falling
    Towing Two-towing wheels Two-towing wheels
    Capacity of loading 560L 750L
    Capacity of discharging 350L 500L
    Capacity of water tank 110L 140L
     Power 11.3kw 14.7kw
    Operation dimensions 4050*2150*2950mm 5200*2250*2950mm
    Total weight (kg) 2050 3050