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  • WBZ Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

    • Production rate:300t/h~800t/h
    • Control method:Automatic

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    Product description
    WBZ stabilized soil batching plant production line of Jianxin adopts double-horizontal-shaft compulsory continuous mixing style,which is used to mix lime stabilized soil and gravel stabilized soil, applying to the foundation material production of highway, urban road,  arterial road, airport and sports ground ,secondary road. Using quicklime, slaked lime (water content 10-15%), sand, gravel, fly ash and cement to produce foundation materials such as lime soil. New users should pay  more attention to the discrepancies between stabilized soil batching plant and concrete batching plant.
    WBZ Stabilized Soil Batching Plant_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd

    Performance and characteristics   
    WBZ stabilized soil mixing station (mixing station) adopts continuous non liner twin shaft mixer, mixing evenly, easy maintenance, high production efficiency.The ingredients weighed by Electronic weighing or volume measurement , with reliable measuring and fast changeable batching ratio. The system of computer control  manages the whole process with tow optional modes of manual selection and automatic selection, operating simply and reliably. Adopt internationally advanced speed regulation mode of frequency control or electromagnetic speed regulation to achieve the energy savings and continuous variable speed and ensure the operation reliability of equipment. Water supply adopts intelligent turbo-flowmeter with accurate measuring results and intuitive display. Aggregate and finished material conveyor adopts circular rubber belt with seamless vulcanized joints, or largely inclined leather belt with corrugated sidewall, and service life of belt is lengthened by compact instruction, reliable operation and accurate conveying direction. Aggregate silos adopt block-style structure or modular structure , with flexible mobility, suitable for different levels of demand.
    Model WBZ300/400/500/600/700/800
    Productivity 300t/h~800t/h
    Control Automatic/Manual
    Measuring method Volume measuring/Computer masuring
    Mode of speed regulatiuon Frequency control/Electromagnetic control
    Aggregate weighing accuarcy ±3%(volume), ±2%(weight)
    Powder weighing acuracy ±2%(volume), ± 1%(weight)
    Water weighing accuracy -1~2%