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  • YHZS75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

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    Product description

    YHZS75 mobile concrete mixing plant is mainly used for mixing the construction of high grade highway, city road and airport runway paving concrete, concrete roadbed, roller compacted concrete, precast concrete, as well as for commercial concrete for construction. The structure of the whole device is compact, in a trailer unit on the concrete production of feeding, weighing and mixing processes; the man-machine interface is simple and clear, stable and reliable, suitable for a variety of harsh environment; the design is in line with the requirements of environmental protection, excellent performance mobile the forced mixer; with twin shaft, continuous working ability. Stir quickly, suitable for engineering construction in the concrete demand point line long.
    YHZS75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd
    YHZS type mobile mixing station mobile station mixing station is material storage, transport, weighing, mixing, the overall concentration of concrete production equipment and a trailer unit unloading and automatic control system of concrete mixing.

    Performance and characteristics


    1、Quick disassembly and assembly, easy to move

    Except for the equipment, such as screw conveyor, cement silo, all the wiring of the mixing station need not be removed, only 30 tons of crane with one day to dismantle the shift.

    2、Good mixing performance

    The forced type twin shaft mixer, can be used to stir the shortest time to achieve uniform mixing. For dry, semi dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete can be completed good mixing.

    3、High grade, high reliability, accurate measurement and convenient operation

    The main electrical components of the main reducer, the measuring sensor and the control system of the stirring machine are all imported components, which not only greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment, but also improves the measuring precision of the equipment.
    The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be operated automatically or manually.

    YHZS75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd

    Model YHZS75
    Theoretical productivity 75m³/h
    Control Automatic/Manual
    Maximum aggregate diameter 80mm
    Aggregate weighing range and accuracy (0-4000)kg±2%
    Powder weighing range and accuaracy (0-1000)kg±1%
    Water weighing range and accuracy (0-450)kg±1%
    Additive weighing accuracy ±1%