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  • Cement Silo

    • Capacity:30t~500t

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    Product description

    The cement warehouse (cement tank) is composed of the steel structure part, the ladder, the guard rail, the feeding tube, the dust collector, the pressure relief valve, the high and low material level meter, the discharge valve and so on.
    Dust removal system: the top of the cement silo is equipped with electric dust removal device, which can effectively absorb the suspended particles in the warehouse, and reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment.
    Arch breaking device: cement silo under the cone part is provided with an inflatable arch breaking device, the gas control box is located in the small electromagnetic reversing valve to control the release of compressed air and various kinds of cement powder arch breaking, avoid the powder accumulation, causing blockage.
    Material level device: the material level device of the cement warehouse can sense the storage height of the material in the warehouse.
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    Cement tank (also called bulk cement tank, cement silo) is commonly used in mixing bulk cement storage station in concrete, cement tank is the storage of bulk material a closed tank for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials are arranged on the tank level system, can display the location and material how many holes can lift the material device long deposition caused by the strong. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and safe and reliable installation, and the utility model is an ideal bulk storage tank of various mixing stations.
    Cement tank is stored bulk materials in a closed tank for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials are arranged on the tank level system, can display the location and number of materials, hole device....

    Performance and characteristics

    Cement tank is usually used as concrete mixing plant (floor) supporting the use of products.
    Generally cylindrical support structure, the upper part of a dust removing device, to prevent dust leakage is arranged at the lower part of the arch breaking device, to prevent the powder caking, make the powder discharge smoothly and with material position sensing devices, can grasp the use within the warehouse material.
    General use of bulk cement truck will send gas powder barn; according to the structure of the cement silo unloading is different, in general there are two ways, one is the lower part is connected with the screw conveyor, screw conveyor for the powder material into powder, two is the use of pneumatic conveying (cement tank of special structure).
    Model Cement Silo
    Silo diameter 2.5-6m³
    Silo height 4.8-22.2m
    Total height 11.4-28.8m
    Matched mixer JD series
    Matched screw LYS series