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  • Forklift

    • Rated load (Kg) 5000
    • Unload height (mm) 3078
    • Maximum traction (kN) 160

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    Product Description of folklift:

    • Streamlined appearance design, beautiful and elegant shape. Direct injection engine, large power reserve and high efficiency and energy saving.
    • Mechanical transmission, automatic regulation of output torque, flexible and convenient Operation.
    • Overload protection performance and automatic adaptive performance, convenient maintenance. Usefull hydraulic steering, maneuverable and flexible.
    • The advanced hydraulic system and high quality components ensure the high reliability of the whole machine, and the matching of power is more reasonable.
    • The use of low voltage wide base tires has excellent cross-country performance and performance, strong working ability, long service life and so on.

    All functions and wide application range of Jianxin folklift are the most ideal tools for loading and unloading materials, leveling fields and lifting traction for iron ore, coal mine, municipal engineering, construction site, material factory and wharf.
    Optional wooden machine, gripper, narrow bucket, side dump, four in one multi function bucket.


    Folklift is widely used in architectural engineering, municipal engineering, urban and rural gardens, road traffic, station wharf and farmland water conservancy. Various types of coal, lime kiln, cement factory and other factories on the battlefield, enterprises and institutions and departments, especially suitable for loading and short distance in the narrow space operation sand, gravel, lime, slag, soil, waste and other bulk materials. It can be used with all kinds of heavy trucks, tractors, farm transporters and construction machinery.

    folklift car

    Technical parameter of Jianxin folklift:
    Standard bucket volume (M3)  2.7-4.0
    Rated load (Kg) 5000
    Rated power (KW/rpm) 162/2200154/2200  (selection)
    Whole machine operation quality (kg) 17200
    Maximum traction (kN) 160
    The maximum breakout force (kN) 185 + 3
    Unload height (mm) 3078