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  • PLD Batching Machine

    • Productivity:48-280m³/h
    • Weighing hopper capacity:800-4800L
    • Batching accuracy:±2%
    • Total weight:2450-14000kg

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    Product description

    1. PLD concrete batching machine is aggregate batching equipment which adopts loader or belt conveyor to load materials.

    2. PLD concrete batching machine can be combined with cement silo to batch more than three kinds of materials, and combined with various types of mixers and other measuring devices to make up fully-automatic or semi-automatic batching plant. 

    3. PLD concrete batching machine is the ideal batching equipment for various types of mixers.



    1. Adopt electronic weighing system to increase weighing accuracy.
    2. Perform rough weighing and accurate weighing, with high weighing accuracy.
    3. Can weighing four kinds of aggregate at the same time, with short measuring time and high efficiency.

    4. There is material block shield to prevent material from spilling,PLD Batching Machine_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd

    PLD Batching Machine_Jianxin Machinery Co., Ltd
    Model PLD
    Weighing hopper 800-4800L
    Productivity 48-280m³/h
    Maximum weighing range 2000-8000kg
    Batching accuracy ±2%
    Total weight 2450-14000kg
    Belt conveyor speed 1.25-2.0m/s