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How to choose the components of HZS60 concrete mixing plant?

2018-04-02 15:03

HZS60 concrete mixing plant can be used not only as a commercial mixed plant in a mixed enterprise, but also as an engineering plant working in the construction site. 60 mixed concrete mixing plant has many components, how to choose them?

60 concrete mixing plant

Mixing host

The mixing machine determines the production capacity of the mixing plant. According to the calculation, the main machine of the 60 concrete mixing plant is suitable with the JS1000 concrete mixer. The js1000 concrete mixer belongs to the double horizontal axis forced concrete mixer, which can be used to mix all kinds and grades of concrete.

Mixing machine

The concrete mixing machine of HZS60 concrete mixing plant uses the PLD1600 concrete mixing machine, which can choose to be weighed or weighed individually. Its mixing accuracy is high, some parts are imported, the reaction is fast, and the 60 concrete mixing plant is greatly shortened. The cycle time is stable and reliable by our company's long-term testing and customer's use. The computer controlled sampling rate is more than 120 times per second to ensure the accuracy of measurement and the stability of work performance.

Cement silo

The cement silo is used as bulk cement storage equipment in HZS60 concrete mixing plant. It can replace the soil storage silo and has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, prevention of cement loss and environmental pollution, small footprint, long service life, and low cost.

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor in 60 concrete mixing plant is used with cement silo. The spiral machine blades are made by welding without welding, no welding seam, high transmission efficiency; heavy design, high torque, low noise; optional universal ball Then, it is convenient to install and adjust the steering.

Control System

HZS60 concrete mixing plant control system is mainly composed of strong electric control with the console and AC contactor as the core. The whole set of systems are installed in the control room, and can complete the automatic, semi-automatic control of the whole process of mixing, lifting, mixing and unloading production. .
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