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Common questions about JZC350 concrete mixer

2018-04-11 15:53


Question: What is the application range of the JZC350 concrete mixer?

Answer: In most cases, it can be applied to general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower projects, and small and medium-sized concrete component plants.

JZC350 concrete mixer

Question: How is the JZC350 concrete mixer mixing mechanism working?

Answer: The stirring mechanism is the working part of the mixer and consists of a mixing drum, a support wheel and a transmission system. The structure of the mixing drum is simplified as a double taper. The cylinder is welded with high and low blades, which form a certain angle with the axis of the drum. Stirring in, as the mixing drum rotates, the blade causes the material to rise and fall while being reciprocally agitated axially, so the stirring is intense and the effect is good. The general construction concrete mixing time of JZC350 concrete mixer is about 35S-45S.

In the discharge cone of the shaking cylinder, a pair of discharge blades are welded. When the concrete is mixed, the rotation direction of the mixing cylinder is changed, and the concrete is discharged from the discharge cone through the low blades and the discharge blades.

The mixer drum is supported by four supporting rollers. The rotation of the mixer drum is achieved by the motor driving the gear wheel mounted on the simplified large gear circle through the transmission system. The work is reliable, and the forward and reverse rotation of the drum is achieved by the electric motor.