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Concrete mixing plant related questions and answers

2018-04-17 11:40

Q: How many concrete can be produced per hour at the HZS75 concrete batching plant?
A: A set of standard HZS575 concrete batching plant theoretical capacity is 75 cubic meters per hour. In actual production, due to various factors, the actual output is about 50-60 m3.

Q: What type of mixing machine is used in the HZS120 concrete mixing plant?
Answer: The cement concrete mixer used in domestic HZS120 mixing plant is mostly the horizontal forced JS2000 concrete mixer. Now many manufacturers are also equipped with more advanced MAO2000 mixing machines.


Concrete mixing plant

Q: Which concrete mixing plantcan produce about 50 concrete per hour? 50 concrete batching plants?
A: For the production-required concrete, an HZS75 concrete mixing plant can fully meet the production requirements. Of course, you can choose a larger model.

Q: How much is a 35-plant concrete control system?
A: Different types of control systems will cause the price different. Especially for the automatic control system, the components used are not the same as the usual system, the price difference is relatively large. The domestic 35-plant automatic control system is about 40,000 yuan RMB.

Q: Is the HZS60 type concrete mixing plant measured separately or mixed?
A: According to industry standards, the measurement of all raw materials of the HZS60 concrete mixing plant is measured separately. If there is a manufacturer that can measure cumulative amounts of any kind of raw materials, be careful not to waste money.

Q: Is HZS120 concrete batching plant be mobile?
A: There is no mobile HZS120 concrete mixing plant in China. If a manufacturer advertises that it can produce mobile HZS120 plants, users should beware of not being deceived.

Q: Is there a simple configuration for the HZS50 concrete mixing plant? I don't need to build the standard plant
A: The HZS50 concrete batching plant can be manufacture with simple configuration. A 1000 concrete mixer, plus a PLD1600 batching machine, can produce ready-mixed concrete.