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How to better handle the wastewater from the stabilized soil batching plant?

2018-05-18 15:16

stabilized soil batching plant

Stabilized soil batching  plants are commonly used equipment in the construction industry. The first impression for people of Stabilized Soil Batching Plant is that it is messy, the dust is flying everywhere, the waste water is everywhere, the waste is piled, the noise disturbs people. For a better experience of customer, we should reduce noise, and protect the ecological environment. Environmental protection is an important issue to be considered in stabilizing soil batching plants. Jianxin Machinery will give you advice on how to better handle wastewater from the stabilized soil batching plant.

stabilized soil batching plants

The source of the wastewater of the Stabilized Soil Batching Plant is mainly the large amount of water generated by the concrete mixer truck and the supporting equipment of the Stabilized Soil Batching Plant. These waste waters are extremely difficult to handle. First, separate the wastewater of the stabilized soil batching plant from the ordinary ones. Some of the fresh water can be reused for the second time. This saves the production cost and solves the problem of waste water disposal; second, the sewage in the site can be precipitated and produce clean water for reuse, thereby enabling wastewater recycling and better treatment of wastewater.

The stablized soil batching plant produced by Jianxin Machinery has a complete model, a guaranteed quality, a compact structure, a high degree of automation, and a modular design. For more information on the Stabilized Soil Batching Plant, call Jianxin Machinery Customer Service Telephone Consulting, our customer service staff will answer you in detail.