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How much does it cost to invest in a concrete batching plant?

2018-05-24 14:36

How much money does it cost to invest in a concrete batching plant? What are the main items? These are topics that many people who have just entered the concrete batching plant industry are concerned about. Today, Jianxin Machinery will answer the questions for everyone. Here's the information.

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The purpose of investment is profit. To ensure revenue, investment must be planned and controlled. The concept of how much money is required to invest in a concrete batching plant is vague because it is an unfixed amount. Specifically, the amount of investment in a concrete batching plant is mainly determined by the following aspects:

1 Pre-planned concrete batching plant production capacity. This is the main reason, because the expected production of concrete batching plants is different, the amount of investment is also different, large-scale concrete batching plant equipment has a high-yield, its investment is relatively large. For example, the 180-type concrete batching plant is more expensive than the HZS90 concrete batching plant. Because the model of the equipment itself is relatively large, its design production capacity is almost double that of the 90 plants. Therefore, it is normal for the large-scale equipment model to have a large input. In fact, it is sensible for most commercial sellers to purchase a large type of concrete batching plant beyond their economy. After all, large-scale equipment can bring large output and profits. Of course, if it is for construction projects, it will be sufficient, and you can determine the type of equipment purchased according to your actual needs.

2 The scale of the concrete batching plant includes the amont of several batching  plants and the area of batching plants, the basic equipment of the entire concrete batching plant, etc. In this respect, the commercial concrete batching plant requires more investment than the general engineering concrete batching plant. Its own product plant is higher than the equipment price of the engineering plant, and the overall investment due to the supporting equipment of the commodity plant and the space occupied by the site is slightly higher than the engineering plant. This also needs to be decided according to actual needs.  If the pre-planned production capacity is relatively large, this will require the equipment and raw material meet the requirements of concrete batching plant, and will also increase the capital investment for the entire project.

3 Regional differences are also one of the different factors for different concrete batching plant inputs. Regional differences mainly affect the area of the entire batching plant and the salaries of the staff. The greater the regional differences, the more different the requirements for funding. How much money does it required to invest in a concrete batching plant is an overview and can be determined for different equipment purchases. Even for the same type of equipment, the machine's service life, and equipment durability are not the same due to different manufacturers' design concepts. At the same time, due to the difference in the price of equipment purchased, the equipment prices caused by the difference is relatively large.

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Of course, in actual investment production, some other expenses may also be included, but these expenditures are less than some of the above mentioned expenditures. For more information on concrete batching  plant and related product issues and price information, please contact online customer service or call Jianxin Machinery Consultation Hotline