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6 standard of the good concrete mixer manufacturers

2017-04-20 15:16

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Now the market competition is intense, concrete mixer manufacturers are also increasing, the market is a mess, the price of the station, using a variety of techniques...... In the face of such a market, regional machinery as we list to choose  good concrete mixer manufacturers 6 standard for your reference.

1, we should pay attention to the credibility of concrete mixer manufacturers

To investigate whether concrete mixer manufacturers have good credit and reputation, the production strength and large-scale production;

2, pay attention to concrete mixer manufacturers

Of concrete mixer manufacturers produced cement concrete mixer in the quality, maturity, technical level, price and parts etc.;

3, look at the concrete mixer manufacturers market positioning

Of concrete mixer manufacturers customers, manufacturers to determine the reputation of the industry;

4, look at the concrete mixer supply er management system

Examines whether manufacturer is related to installation and commissioning, operation training, maintenance, and wearing parts such as technical guidance and policy and system;

5, look at the concrete mixer manufacturers after-sales service

Examines whether manufacturers improve customer satisfaction, customer service service, such as equipment during operation if failures should be how to solve.

6, look at the concrete mixer manufacturers plant stacking, workshop hygiene

Inspection equipment manufacturers stacked neatly can see the management level and quality requirements of the enterprise, if the plant is dirty and messy, so that concrete mixer manufacturers will produce good equipment?

The same quality, price, do not blindly pursue cheap

Users to buy part of the cement concrete mixer is not the above factors as the focus of study, but the price level as the most important selection criteria, suggest the same quality price.

to us from the final profit point of choice of equipment quality and price selection, procurement belongs to one-time expenditure, disposable spending less, can reduce the cost of investment, but our attention is to make money, not just to save money. Just consider the purchase of equipment to save money is much simpler, and more consulting manufacturers, who choose the low price which manufacturers. It is difficult for us to decide when to buy concrete mixing plant, because we also pay attention to quality, and how much profit can be made for us.

Township to the most commonly used HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant as an example, Jiangning price between 11-40 million, if it is high with HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant, more than 50 thousand small concrete mixer supply cheaper than us. In front of the 50 thousand, which will bring losses, or buy equipment to pay 50 thousand what's the potential benefits? Balance the pros and cons before deciding not later.

Comparison of production efficiency

Compared with the General Factory, jianxin HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant per hour output of 5 square concrete, calculated according to work 10 hours a day, the production of more than 50 square concrete every day, a concrete tentative profit 90 yuan, 13500 yuan a month can increase profits.