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Working principle of concrete mixing plant

2018-03-10 09:46

concrete mixing plant

Many customers may not very interested in the work principle of concrete mixing plant, they might think that understanding the working principle may not help a lot for better using concrete batching plant. The mixing plant control system automation is very high, most of them just need to press a key to start production, without too much of the operation. We don’t have to learn the imaging principle of TV before we can watch movies. However, the understanding of the working principle of concrete mixing plant is very important for the pre judgment and control of the quality of the mixing plant.

[specific working principle]

The loader loads the aggregate into the storage hopper of the batching machine, and the aggregate of each part is carried out in the batching machine. The link that is inseparable of the ingredients is the weighing, and the  weighing of the aggregate use the weighing hopper in the proportioning machine. A shared hopper is used in the cumulative weighing method, and the independent hopper will be weighed by an independent hopper. Another is the belt weighing, which is weighed by the sensor under the belt.

When the aggregate is completed, it will be fed into the mixing platform by the hopper hoist or the belt conveyor. When the belt conveyor supplies material, the aggregate will enter the waiting bin first, while the hopper hoist will wait for the powder and water mixture when conveying the aggregate.

The powder is supplied by bulk cement truck, like cement silo, using pneumatic blast feed. When feeding the material, the top bin dust collector filters the air to ensure the internal pressure of the cement silo. When transporting the powder, flygate on the bottom of cement silo open, then powder was transfered into the spiral conveyor. Screw conveyor motor start, rotating through the spiral and push the cement or fly ash into powder weighing hopper, in order to ensure the weighing accurate, powder weighing hopper hung on the upper host platform.

The pump is stored in the reservoir. The admixture is in the admixture tank. After the centrifugal pump, it is pumped to the weighing hopper, completing the weighing. After weighing, the admixture will be advanced into the water and weigh hopper, mixed with water, waiting for feeding.

The above is the weighing and batching process of all parts of the material. After the completion of the material, the material will be thrown at one time, or the material is put in sub. This is related to the specific operation. Each part of the material enters the concrete mixer, the mixing shaft begins to rotate, and drives the stirring arm and the stirring blade to complete the mixing of all parts of the material.

The mixing period is usually about 60s. When the mixing is completed, the unloading valve is opened. After buffering in the unloading hopper, it goes into the concrete mixer truck along the discharge port, and then it is transported to the construction site.

The above is the working process of the concrete mixing plant. So we see that the key of mixing plant is weighing and mixing, so the accuracy of weighing hopper and the agitation ability of mixer are the most important circle. Jianxin Machinery weighing hopper adopts imported brand and the quality is reliable. Welcome to consult and purchase our products.