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Introduction of JZC350 cement concrete mixer

2018-03-13 10:23


The feeding device of JZC350 concrete mixer is made up of two kinds of steel rope hoisting tipping type and wire rope lifting and climbing bucket type. In this paper, the JZC350 mixer's tilting type feeding device is introduced in detail.

The tilting feeding device of the JZC350 cement concrete mixer machine is mainly composed of a wire rope hoist, a hopper, a feeding rack and a front and back rollers of the hopper. At work, under the traction of the wire rope, the upper hopper crawls up and down through the two pairs of rollers along the inner and outer guide rail of the charging rack respectively. When the front roller runs to the inner rail stop point, the hopper will roll up the front roller as the fulcrum, and the material will enter the mixing drum gradually through the mouth of the hopper. When the bottom of the hopper is turned into a 55 degree angle with the horizontal line, the hopper will be controlled by the limiting device and stop moving. At this time, because the inclination angle is greater than the material rest angle, all the materials enter the mixing drum. When the hopper falls, the reverse movement of the hopper is restored to the original position by the looseness of the wire rope.

The JZC350 cement mixer tilting up feeding device works more intuitively. Users can clearly see the lifting operation of the wire rope and the hopper of the hopper, which is very convenient for operation and observation. When a fault occurs it is easily to ascertain the reasons, timely maintenance, and also because of the feeding device and the drum parts for the same power centralized drive, the total power reduced.

JZC350 cement concrete mixer

Equipment price

The quality of the concrete batching machine is the main factor to determine its price. The better the quality of the batching machine is, the higher the price will be. Jianxin suggested that the customers should study the size and strength of the manufacturer in the field. You shall not blindly compare prices from the Internet and being deceived by harbour evil designs plant.

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Factory information

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