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Four major points of the cleaning of concrete mixe

2018-05-19 11:15

Concrete mixer includes a power mechanism connected with the transmission mechanism through a shaft and a roller driven by the transmission mechanism. A gear ring disposed around the roller cylinder body is mounted on the roller cylinder body, and a gear meshing with the gear ring is disposed on the transmission shaft. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and reasonable structure. After gears and ring gears are engaged, the skidding phenomenon between the supporting roller and the mixer drum can be effectively overcome during the rain and fog; the transmission mechanism can further ensure the elimination of slippery phenomenon of the rollers between the supporting roller and the concrete mixer drum.

cleaning of concrete mixer

Cleaning precautions
When cleaning concrete mixers, note the following:
First, the maintenance operations of the projects stipulated in the regular maintenance regulations, such as cleaning, lubrication and fueling, etc.
Secondly, the concrete mixer should be checked for goodness before starting operation. After stopping, water and stones should be poured into the mixing tube for 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning, and the water and stones should be cleared. If the operator is required to enter the mixing drum for cleaning, the switch box must be locked in addition to cutting off the power and removing the fuse.
Third, it is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to hit the concrete to clear the concrete that has accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel. Only the chisel can be used to remove the concrete.
Fourth, in the cold season, after the completion of work, use water to clean the mixer drum and drain the water in the water pump, water tank, and water pipe to avoid freezing of the water pump, water tank, and water pipes.