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HZS25 concrete batching plant equipment dust collector

2018-05-23 13:55

dust collector

The commercial HZS25 concrete batching plant is generally a large-scale concrete batching plant equipment. Due to its large production volume in the actual production process, it is easy to produce a lot of pollution, which requires the timely addition of dust remover on related equipment.

1. Cement dust collector installed on the roof

The cement silo dust collector is located at the top of the powder silo. Even if there is a certain pressure in the cement silo, the dust collected in the dust funnel can also smoothly fall into the corresponding powder under the effect of gravity. In the warehouse, it can be seen that the bin top dust collector not only solves the problems of the existing dust collection device for the powder bin that is easy to be clogged and wastes resources, but also solves the problem that the existing dust collection device is inconvenient to discharge.

2. Batching host installed dust collector

The existing commercial batching plant uses twin-shaft forced concrete mixers. The batching blades will cause a small amount of powder to fly out of the gap and generate dust. At the same time, dust and powder generated when the powder and aggregate are put into the batching machine can be designed to have a connecting pipe between the mixer and the pre-feed hopper, thus reducing the problem of increasing the pressure in the mixer due to the gas path being blocked. The dust-laden airflow enters the interior of the vibrating dust collector filter bag under the action of air pressure. Through filtration, the cleaning gas is discharged outside the batching plant boundary, and the dust is trapped inside the filter bag.

3. Aggregate feeding needs to install bag filter

When the gravel is conveyed from the aggregate silo to the weighing hopper by the belt conveyor, there is a certain gap between the belt conveyor and the dust collecting hopper, and the belt conveyor can easily generate dust when throwing aggregate. From the cost point of view, it should be shared with other powder weighing bucket dust collection equipment, and should not be set up only.

dust collector

In the process of construction of the commercial batching plant, it is necessary to analyze and divide the area from the above-mentioned position to conduct centralized or single installation of the dust collector, which can allow the batching plant to better complete the environmental protection production.

It is one of the necessary steps to establish a dust collector at the concrete batching plant. This is not only to ensure safe and environmentally friendly production, but also to contribute to environmental protection. Zhengzhou Jianxin produces concrete batching plant equipment, with advanced environmental protection technology and service concept. If necessary, welcome to consult and order or visit factory.