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Concrete Mixer Machine Equipment Ordering Information

2018-05-29 14:36

Concrete Mixer Machine Equipment

1. Understand the technical performance and supporting scope of your purchase of concrete mixers;

2. For the convenience of transportation, when the concrete mixer is delivered from the factory, the lower rails, ladders, diagonal braces, connecting angles, legs, anchor bolts, and suction pipes are parts, and all other components are assembled.

3, JS500 type mixers use truck of more than 5 tons transport, JS750 type, JS1000 type and JS1500 type mixer should use truck load over 10 tons;

4, JS500 concrete mixer lifting should use cranes over 8 tons, JS750 type, JS1000 type, JS1500 concrete mixer lifting should use more than 10 tons of cranes;

5. It should be safe and reliable during the whole shipment process. The specific requirements are as follows:

The center of gravity of the machine must not be offset when lifting, hoisting wire rope should be accurately hung on the round hook, it is strictly forbidden to use the hook on the mixing tube as the whole machine;

When loading, the upper rail is folded and tied with wire, and the hopper is fixed by the brake pin;

The whole machine and parts should be fixed firmly in the compartment and be securely hooked with safety hooks.

JS3000 concrete mixer

Concrete Mixing Plant User Ordering Information

The concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of mixing master, batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor and control system. Each set of equipment is customized according to the actual needs of users. We hope that you can communicate with your company's business personnel in detail about your specific needs. After confirming the arrangement of production, it is in principle not allowed to make any changes.

The shipping considerations for the components of the mixing plant refer to the shipping instructions for the blender.