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How to improve the production efficiency of small concrete mixing equipment?

2018-06-08 14:03

small concrete mixing equipment

Small concrete mixing equipment can achieve very good production capacity if it has a higher configuration. This article is to explain to everyone about how to improve the production efficiency of small concrete mixing equipment? Let's look at it together!

1. Equipped with a transport vehicle 

According to the production capacity of the concrete mixing plant and the distance, line and road conditions that need to be transported, a cement concrete mixer truck with 1.2 times or more capacity is equipped.

2. Regular Maintenance 

In accordance with the guidelines of national environmental protection regulations, a working and maintenance management system for a commercial concrete mixing plant is established to ensure that the mixing plant can be in a good state of operation. Strictly prevent the occurrence of various equipment operation problems and regular inspections and maintenance, make a record of the failures that have occurred, and propose solutions and preventive measures.

3. Reserve spare storage bins of sufficient capacity 

Reserve spare storage bins of sufficient capacity to ensure that the concrete mixing plant does not stop for special reasons.

4. Samples and raw materials should be inspected. 

Powders and aggregates of different specifications should be placed separately and should be protected against rain and dust. Aggregate storage should be more than 5 times of the daily dosage, powder storage should be more than 2 times the daily usage, in case of need.

5. Response to other factors 

In addition to the utilization factor of mixing time and time, there are many related factors that will Influence the production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant, such as production organization, equipment management, and operation quality, among which the technology of equipment operation conditions, raw materials, and the transport of vehicles also have a significant effect on ensuring and increasing productivity.