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Four Notes for Concrete Mixer truck Maintenance in Spring

2018-06-12 14:45

Concrete Mixer truck

1. Select the lubricant suitable for the season

       After being used for a period of time, lubricating oil will deteriorate its own quality due to air oxidation, pollution, etc., t hereby losing the lubrication and protection of the engine of the mixer truck. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the oil on time and on a quarterly basis. In general, after March, the country can enter the warm season one after another. In most areas, drivers can choose summer lubricants of 20w-40 or 10w-40. In addition, the load, speed, and wear of the mixer engine must also be considered when selecting the viscosity level of the lubricant. If the mixer truck has large engine load, low rotation speed or serious wear, it should use more lubricating oil with higher viscosity, and vice versa.

2. re-adjust the right tire pressure

       Every 10°C increase in temperature, the tire pressure will increase by about 7-14kpa. Therefore, when the weather turns warmer, pay attention to the changes in the tire pressure of the mixer truck with the ambient temperature. Traffic accidents caused by problems with mixer tires have reached nearly 80% on the highway, and tire problems have become the number one killer on the highway.

       Therefore, adjusting the tire pressure after a high temporature becomes a top priority. Not only to check the appearance of tires, patterns and wear, but also check the tire pressure of the mixer, it is best to be able to charge nitrogen, because nitrogen is inert gas, will not increase as temperature rise.

       Checking the tires of the concrete mixer truck often can greatly reduce accidental occurrences:

(1) Mixer tires should be inspected every 6,000 to 8,000 kilometers for abnormal wear, tire pressure, and front wheel alignment.

(2) Overloading may cause tires to over-friction and puncture;

(3) Insufficient tire pressure, worn to the bead lip, the fetal abdomen is also easy to split;

(4) Excessive tire pressure will cause tread wear in the center of the tire;

(5) Worn tires can cause accidents. The tread pattern may be worn out due to excessive wheel travel. Replace old tires as soon as possible.

Four Notes for Concrete Mixer truck Maintenance in Spring


3, clean the work before starting to use air conditioning.

       The spring breeze is so dry that it can easily cause dust, and there will be too much dust and impurities on the surfaces of air-conditioning ducts and evaporators. If it is used for a long time and it is not cleaned, mildew will occur. And when the weather turns warm, it will be the most likely to breed large amounts of bacteria. If the driver finds an unpleasant odor after turning on the air conditioner, it is the air conditioning system of the mixer needs to be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the health of the people in the mixer cab.

       Therefore, before using the air conditioner, in addition to cleaning the condenser surface of the water tank, the air conditioning system must be cleaned and sterilized to replace the air conditioning filter element. Only in this way can you confidently use the air conditioner.

       The air filter has a replacement cycle, pay attention to periodic maintenance and replacement. Excessive air conditioning filter can lead to unclear air in the vehicle, affecting health. If the air filter is blocked, the engine of the mixer may not be started easily and powerless, and unstable idling. The air filter of a general mixer should be replaced once in 15,000 km and 5,000 km in a cleaner.

4, spring suitable for car paint care

       As soon as spring arrives, there will be more rain everywhere, and the acidic components in the rain will have a strong corrosive effect on the painted surface of the mixer. Over time, it will damage the paint surface of the mixer. Therefore, in the spring when there is much rain, it is better to give the mixer a paint finish at the same time when carrying out seasonal maintenance.

       The simplest is that car paint maintenance is waxing. Longer and more effective is the sealing glaze beauty. Regardless of the method, wear an invisible protection coat on the mixer to prevent the fading and aging of the paint.